Teachers Teaching Teachers to Teach Online

Learn from teachers who not only are "techie" but teach students online too!

Now is the time to expand your teaching expertise from the traditional face to face model to  anywhere, anytime.  Through our Online Virtual Classroom course you will lean all there is to know about working with students online.  When you complete our three hour course you will be ready to launch your own Instructional Classroom.  Whether you are looking to start your own business as an online teacher serving kids around the world, or creating a Flipped Classroom model for your school, we guarantee you'll find that our course takes the apprehension you may be feeling away.  Take it from teachers who have already experienced our training, once you master the virtual classroom you may never want to return to the traditional classroom again!

Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Setting up your Virtual Classroom
  • Using All the Classroom Tools, whiteboards, screen sharing, annotating, using software and documents, and much more.
  • Student Scheduling and launching a Session
  • Actual session role playing in the Virtual Classroom

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