Humans are Multisensory. 

So is Our Tutoring Program. 

Makes Sense!

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Homework Help Punchcard

Tutoring when you need it

Not all students have the same academic struggles, and not all students need tutoring delivered the same way. That’s why we created the Step to Success Homework Punch Card! The card is valid for 10 months after purchase, so your student has the flexibility to come in for help whenever they need it!

  • $300.00/card – that’s only $30.00 an hour for tutoring!
  • One punch card is good for 10 – 1/hr. sessions of homework help that you can use any time. You can come 1 time, or ten times, in a month. It’s up to you!
  • Your child can come in during center hours, Monday – Thursday 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. At each visit, your child’s card will be punched.
  • Purchase 2 cards, and receive a $100 discount.
  • Cards cannot be shared between siblings and expire 10 months from purchase date.
  • No other tutoring center offers Tutoring On Your Terms!

Cards are available for purchase during center hours. Need more information? Call us today!

Independent Study Program

Lexia Core 5 and I-Ready Math

Step to Success now offers one year subscriptions to the award winning Lexia Core Reading and I-Ready math software. It's great for parents of homeschoolers, pre-schoolers, and for parents who want enrichment curriculum for their self-directed student!  Lessons are systematic, personalized and aligned with National and State Standards.  Best of all, they are fun and get results!

Yearly subscriptions start as low as $75.

Virtual Online Classroom


Quickly becoming one of our most popular programs, students can schedule their one-on-one tutoring session with the same teacher when it's convenient for them.  Sessions can be delivered from any location because tutoring is done over the internet in our Step to Success Virtual Classroom! So, if you have a computer and internet connection, we can help you no matter where you live in the world!

Parker Center

By Appointment

Students attend two- 1 hour sessions per week.  Additional time can be arranged.

Center Hours

Monday through Thursday 4 to 7pm

Tutoring Sessions By Appointment Only

Kindergarten through 5th grade


Mind Boosting Summer Programs

For Only $200 a Month - Attend 2 hours a week

Summer is the best time to prepare for the new school year.

  • Reading  Readiness Pre-K - Kindergarten
  • Math Facts Mastered Grades 1st - 5th
  • Writing Conventions Grades 3rd - 5th
  • Writing Mechanics Grades 1st - 5th
  • Current students can continue their regular focus areas

Step to Success Programs

Tutoring on Your Terms

All Step to Success programs include as part of the tuition, a pre and post assessment, monthly monitoring, 24/7 access to computer software, and weekly tutoring sessions.  There are no contracts to sign or long term agreements.  Our philosophy:  Tutoring shouldn't be forever.  Academic goals should be met and exceeded for every child in the time promised!