Humans are Multisensory. 

So is Our Tutoring Program. 

Makes Sense!

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Helping Students Since 2001

Dear Parents and Students, As the founder and CEO of Step to Success Community Learning Center, I would like to thank you for choosing our program.  You have made the right choice!   Soon you will discover the difference  a multisensory learning program, designed around your child’s individual learning style, and delivered by highly trained and motivating teachers can make in your child’s educational career.  Our commitment to your child is based on the understanding that “all children can do better if they are better understood”.  That 99% of all children don’t have learning disabilities, just learning difficulties.  That given the right learning environment they will thrive.  Armed with this understanding, we have created a learning program that works for all learning styles and it will work for your child too. Along with providing your child with the most effective learning program available today, you now have an educational partner at your disposal.  Whether you need help in creating a self-sufficient learner or teaching your child time management skills, we can help.  Step to Success Community Learning Center is a designated Supplemental Service Provider for the Colorado and Nebraska Dept. of Education and one of only two tutoring programs selected to serve Colorado schools through the READ ACT as Early Literacy Tutors.    We have a world of educational knowledge and resources available to you.  We are ready to help. I have a special message for our new students.  In many countries and cultures around the world it is considered “trendy” and a privilege to attend tutoring classes. Kids beg their parents to attend. Although, you may not feel quite the same way, try to look at this more as a camp, not unlike a sports camp you might attend or perhaps like taking guitar lessons.  Tutoring isn’t forever, and it’s not painful.  It’s work, yes.  Just as it is work playing on a football or gymnastic team.  But there are rewards for your hard work and your rewards are just a step away. We look forward to beginning this educational partnership with you and encourage you to pour all your energy into this program.  You have my personal guarantee that we will do the same!
Sincerely, Diane Kulback

Center Hours

Monday through Thursday 4 to 7pm

Tutoring Sessions By Appointment Only