Humans are Multisensory. 

So is Our Tutoring Program. 

Makes Sense!

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How Can I help My Child?

It All Starts at Home

  • Set-up a quiet and consistent place to do your homework away from the TV and hubbub of the home.
  • Organize your quiet place.  Keep supplies stocked and a filing system for returned tests and assignments as resources for finals.
  • Set a consistent time to do your homework.  Choose a time that's not too late in the day but provide some time for snacks and decompression.
  • Allow your child to take a 10 minute break every 30 minutes.  They'll stay in the learning zone longer.
  • Allow your child to complete as much homework on their own as possible.  Ask they to save their questions until the very end.  If they know they are required to save questions until the end they tend to get it down faster and on their own.
  • Together with your child, create a weekly to do calendar to help you all stay organized.  This might include a weekly trip to the library or reading together every night.  When you write things down and mark them complete it gives your child a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Remember to mentor your child by your actions.  Parents that emphasize the importance of learning by learning new things daily tend to have children who become life long learners too.

How Do I Know My Child Needs Tutoring?

Ten Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

  • Your child dreads going to school

  • Grades and test scores are low

  • Teacher recommends outside help

  • Your child has trouble finishing homework

  • Falling behind in class

  • Your child lacks confidence and motivation

  • Missing basic foundational skills

  • They need lessons delivered differently

  • School work has a negative impact on the family

  • School work is too easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Expect?

How do I know the type of help my child needs?
Every new student at Step to Success receives an assessment at the beginning of tutoring to determine the best individual learning plan for them.  They will also receive assessments during the course of tutoring to determine their progress.

What kind of improvement should I expect to see once my child starts tutoring with Step to Success?
We guarantee that your child will gain a full grade level within 30 sessions or their tutoring is FREE until they do.

Who will be teaching my child?
Your child will work one-on-one with a highly qualified and motivational teacher who is well trained on the Step to Success Multi-Sensory teaching method.  

How will they receive their lessons?
Your child will work from their computer, in the comfort of their own home, and utilize web conferencing and a computer USB headset or their home phone line.  Tutoring is done in real time so it feels like the teacher is in the same room.  In addition, students have access to their lesson from home 24/7.

Do I need to sign a contract?
No.  Step to Success doesn't have contracts.  We do require you to enroll for a minimum of 4 visits per month for scheduling purposes.

Will my student work in a group with other students?
No. Students receive private one-on-one tutoring, not group tutoring, for all our tutoring sessions.  

Center Hours

Monday through Thursday 4 to 7pm

Tutoring Sessions By Appointment Only

Kindergarten through 5th grade