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Kindergarten through 5th grade


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Follow these steps:

Launch a browser and go to: Create a bookmark or add to favorites.

Step 1:  The first time you access Lexia Core 5 you will need to sign-in with a teacher email address:

Teacher sign-in:

Do not add caps or spaces.  Do not add password.  You will not have to set up again unless you use a different computer or browser.

Step 2:  Now you can allow your child to log-in using their username and password.  The password is always:  read  (no caps or spaces)


I-Ready Math and IXL Math

Follow these steps:

I-Ready Math:

Launch a browser and go to:  

Step 1.  Enter your username, password and state. Do not add caps or spaces.

Step 2.  Click on start lesson.

Step 3.  You can keep track of your progress using the tabs in the "My Progress" box.

IXL Math:

Launch a browser and go to:

Step 1.  Enter your username and password.  Do not add caps or spaces.

Step 2.  Choose a lesson from the drop down menu.

Access Lessons 24/7

Accelerate Student Achievement

As part our commitment to ensuring your child reaches his/hers goals in the shortest amount of time, Step to Success includes 24/7 access to reading and math lessons as part of your tuition.  There are no additional costs. We recommend students work on each subject 20 minutes a day. See below for instructions on accessing your lessons from any computer that has an internet connection.

Humans are Multisensory. 

So is Our Tutoring Program. 

Makes Sense!