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Monday through Thursday 4 to 7pm

Tutoring Sessions By Appointment Only

Kindergarten through 5th grade


Humans are Multisensory. 

So is Our Tutoring Program. 

Makes Sense!

Denver Area: 303-805-0773 

Helping Students Since 2001

Our Tutors

Highly Qualified with a History of Student Success

Our tutor selection process contains more than just having teaching experience, although all our tutors do. What makes our tutors Great Teachers is five key ingredients:

  1. Step to Success tutors set BIG goals for each of their students!
  2. Step to Success tutors welcome and encourage parental partnership!
  3. Step to Success tutors are always looking for better ways to improve effectiveness!   
  4. Step to Success tutors have a solid history of student achievement!
  5. Step to Success tutors work relentlessly for each and every student!

To truly offer a program designed especially for your student you don't want the lessons coming from corporate "heads". Even though, Step to Success provides it's tutors with state of the art courseware and curriculum aligned with National and State Standards, as well as training in the Step to Success Multisensory Teaching Method.  It's not unusual to see our tutors develop new and better lessons that fit your student's learning style and creates that

"ah ha" moment for your child. In fact, we encourage it!